Wicked Ways

WICKED WAYS...5 guys having fun doing what they love...Rockin'

Wicked Ways Band is based in Southern Ontario, Canada with experienced musicians that have many years of performing under their belts. We bring the stage alive with every performance with a mixture of 80's, 90's and todays dance and party mixes. We are able to provide music for any venue big or small.

The band uses an in-ear monitoring system that allows us to stay at a low level volume on the stage and volume controlled FOH as desired.

Chris Armstrong


From hometown Woodstock Ontario, Chris has been playing  for 40+ years, influences...Eddie Van Halen, Rik Emmett, Alex Lifeson, Steve Stevens, 80’s guitar players/bands. A player with a huge heart and an even bigger sound!  A founding member of popular local band Sweet 'N' Innocent, who hosted the "Rise Against Cancer" events annually. Other bands Chris has played in include 13 ACES, The Chip Gall Band and studio guest appearances.

Eddie Hatzenbuhler

Lead Vocals

From hometown Woodstock Ontario, Eddie grew up in a family with musical roots. A member of local band Sweet 'N' Innocent, who hosted the "Rise Against Cancer" event annually. A huge part of the community, coaching many kids on the soccer pitch, where he honed his unique vocal style keeping his team on track!

Jason Storey


From hometown Woodstock Ontario, Jay has been a staple in the local music scene since his youth. His contributions in many local bands such as State Of Mind, Hypnotic Murmur, Shattered, Angry Dragon and The Chip Gall Band, makes him a perfect fit into the Wicked Ways lineup. His Charasmatic presence on stage will surely keep you Rockin!

George "G-ROKK" Fodor


Ringo...Bonzo...Animal...drummers with one name. And now we have...                               G-Rokk. 
Ever since he picked up Alice Coopers Billion Dollar Babies album he knew he had to be a drummer.  Influenced by the power drummers of the day he has kept time for such bands as 3 Fingered Louie, Filling Lizzie and Knuckle Duster.  And now as the stick master of Wicked Ways you will have no choice but to enjoy the beats and treats he has to offer.

Dave Mavin


From Ingersoll Ontario, Dave is laying the grooves on bass. Dave has been playing for 30+ years starting out playing 50's music and country in Montreal. His influences include Duck Dunn, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and Gov't Mule. Some of the other bands Dave has played in are Uncertain Children, Shattered, The Three Endz and Titanium Blade.